Radiographic demonstration of the azygos venous system after injection of contrast medium.


[azygos + G. gramma, a writing]

azygoesophageal recess

the region below the azygos vein arch in which the right lung intrudes into the mediastinum between the heart and vertebral column, bordered on the left by the esophagus.

azurophil granule

a granule that stains a reddish purple color with an azure dye; such granule’s are seen in dry smears of certain mature and developing blood cells, and are membrane-bound primary lysosomes containing enzymes. Syn: kappa granule.


A complex of azure A and carbacrylic resin; used as an indicator for the detection of gastric achlorhydria without intubation. Syn: quinine carbacrylic resin.


A term for a group of basic blue methylthionine or phenothiazine dyes; used as biological stains, especially in blood and nuclear stains.

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