A wasting of tissues, organs, or the entire body, as from death and reabsorption of cells, diminished cellular proliferation, decreased cellular volume, pressure, ischemia, malnutrition, lessened function, or hormonal changes. Syn: atrophia.


acute reflex bone atrophy

acute yellow atrophy of the liver

alveolar atrophy

arthritic atrophy

blue atrophy

brown atrophy

Buchwald’s atrophy

central areolar choroidal atrophy

cerebellar atrophy

choroidal vascular atrophy

compensatory atrophy

congenital cerebellar atrophy

cyanotic atrophy

cyanotic atrophy of the liver

dentatorubral cerebellar atrophy with polymyoclonus

disuse atrophy

Erb atrophy

essential progressive atrophy of iris

exhaustion atrophy

facioscapulohumeral atrophy

familial spinal muscular atrophy

fatty atrophy

gingival atrophy

gyrate atrophy of choroid and retina

Hoffmann’s muscular atrophy

horizontal atrophy

Hunt’s atrophy

idiopathic muscular atrophy

infantile muscular atrophy

infantile progressive spinal muscular atrophy

infantile spinal muscular atrophy

ischemic muscular atrophy

juvenile muscular atrophy

juvenile spinal muscular atrophy

Kienböck’s atrophy

Leber’s hereditary optic atrophy

linear atrophy

macular atrophy

marantic atrophy

muscular atrophy

myopathic atrophy

neuritic atrophy

neurogenic atrophy

neurotrophic atrophy

nutritional type cerebellar atrophy

olivopontocerebellar atrophy

periodontal atrophy

peroneal muscular atrophy

Pick’s atrophy

postmenopausal atrophy

pressure atrophy

primary idiopathic macular atrophy

primary macular atrophy of skin

progressive choroidal atrophy

progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy

progressive infantile spinal muscular atrophy

progressive muscular atrophy

progressive spinal muscular atrophy

pulp atrophy

red atrophy

scapulohumeral atrophy

senile atrophy

serous atrophy

striate atrophy of skin

Sudeck’s atrophy

traction atrophy

transneuronal atrophy

trophoneurotic atrophy

villous atrophy

Vulpian’s atrophy

Werdnig-Hoffmann muscular atrophy

yellow atrophy of the liver

Zimmerlin’s atrophy