A glioma derived from astrocytes; in children and persons less than 20 years of age, astrocytomas usually arise in a cerebellar hemisphere; in adults, astrocytoma usually occur in the cerebrum, sometimes growing rapidly and invading extensively.


[G. astron, star, + kytos, cell, + -oma, tumor]

anaplastic astrocytoma

cerebellar astrocytoma

desmoplastic cerebral astrocytoma

fibrillary astrocytoma

gemistocytic astrocytoma

grade I astrocytoma

grade II astrocytoma

grade III astrocytoma

grade IV astrocytoma

juvenile cerebellar astrocytoma

low grade astrocytoma

piloid astrocytoma

plocytic astrocytoma

protoplasmic astrocytoma

subependymal giant cell astrocytoma