1. Syn: joint.

2. A joining or connecting together loosely so as to allow motion between the parts.

3. Distinct connected speech or enunciation.

4. In dentistry, the contact relationship of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth during jaw movement.


[see joint]

arthrodial articulation

atlanto-occipital articulation

balanced articulation

bicondylar articulation

carpal articulation

cartilaginous articulation

compound articulation

condylar articulation

confluent articulation

cricoarytenoid articulation

cricothyroid articulation

cuneonavicular articulation

dental articulation

distal radioulnar articulation

articulations of foot

glenohumeral articulation

articulations of hand

humeral articulation

humeroradial articulation

incudomalleolar articulation

incudostapedial articulation

interchondral articulations

intermetatarsal articulations

interphalangeal articulations

intertarsal articulations

metacarpophalangeal articulations

metatarsophalangeal articulations

peg-and-socket articulation

articulation of pisiform bone

proximal radioulnar articulation

radiocarpal articulation

sacroiliac articulation

spheroid articulation

sternocostal articulations

superior tibial articulation

talocrural articulation

temporomandibular articulation

tibiofibular articulation

transverse tarsal articulation

trochoid articulation