area (a), pl. areae

1. [NA]. Any circumscribed surface or space.

2. All of the part supplied by a given artery or nerve.

3. A part of an organ having a special function, as the motor area of the brain. See Also: regio, region, space, spatium, zone.


[L. a courtyard]

acoustic area

area acustica

anterior intercondylar area of tibia

aortic area

apical area

association areas

auditory area

bare area of liver

bare area of stomach

basal seat area

Broca’s area

Broca’s parolfactory area

Brodmann’s areas

area of cardiac dullness

catchment area

Celsus‘ area

area centralis

area cochleae

cochlear area

Cohnheim’s area

contact area

cribriform area of the renal papilla

area cribrosa papillae renalis

denture-bearing area

denture foundation area

denture-supporting area

dermatomic area

embryonal area

entorhinal area

excitable area

area of facial nerve

Flechsig’s areas

frontal area

fronto-orbital area

fusion area

gastric area

area gastrica

germinal area

Head’s areas

impression area

inferior vestibular area

insular area

area intercondylaris anterior tibiae

area intercondylaris posterior tibiae

Jonston’s area

Kiesselbach’s area

lateral hypothalamic area

Little’s area

macular area

Martegiani’s area

mitral area

motor area

area nervi facialis

area nuda hepatis

olfactory area

area opaca

oval area of Flechsig

Panum’s area

parastriate area

area parolfactoria

parolfactory area

pear-shaped area

area pellucida

peristriate area

piriform area

Pitres‘ area

postcentral area

post dam area

posterior hypothalamic area

posterior intercondylar area of tibia

posterior palatal seal area

postpalatal seal area

area postrema

precentral area

precommissural septal area

prefrontal area

premotor area

preoptic area

prestriate area

pretectal area

primary visual area

pulmonary area

relief area

rest area

retention area

Rolando’s area

secondary aortic area

secondary visual area

sensorial areas

sensorimotor area

septal area

silent area

skip areas

somesthetic area

stress-bearing area

striate area

Stroud’s pectinated area

area subcallosa

subcallosal area

superior vestibular area

supporting area

tissue-bearing area

tricuspid area

trigger area

vagus area

area vasculosa

vestibular area

area vestibularis inferior

area vestibularis superior

visual area

Wernicke’s area

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