Any structure resembling a bent bow or an arch; an arc. In anatomy, any vaulted or archlike structure. See: arcus. Syn: arcus [NA].


[thru O. Fr. fr. L. arcus, bow]

abdominothoracic arch

alveolar arch of mandible

alveolar arch of maxilla

anterior arch of atlas

anterior palatine arch

arch of the aorta

aortic arch

aortic arches

arterial arches of colon

arterial arches of ileum

arterial arches of jejunum

arterial arch of lower eyelid

arterial arch of upper eyelid

axillary arch

branchial arches

carpal arches

coracoacromial arch

cortical arches of kidney

Corti’s arch

costal arch

arch of cricoid cartilage

crural arch

deep crural arch

deep palmar (arterial) arch

deep palmar venous arch

dental arch

dorsal venous arch of foot

double aortic arch

expansion arch

fallen arches

fallopian arch

femoral arch

arches of the foot

glossopalatine arch

Gothic arch

Haller’s arches

hemal arches

hyoid arch

iliopectineal arch

inferior dental arch

jugular venous arch

labial arch

Langer’s arch

lateral longitudinal arch of foot

lateral lumbocostal arch

lingual arch

longitudinal arch of foot

malar arch

mandibular arch

medial longitudinal arch of foot

medial lumbocostal arch

nasal arch

nasal venous arch

neural arch

arch of the palate

palatoglossal arch

palatopharyngeal arch

pharyngeal arches

pharyngopalatine arch

plantar arch

plantar arterial arch

plantar venous arch

popliteal arch

posterior arch of atlas

posterior palatine arch

postoral arches

primitive costal arches

pubic arch

ribbon arch

superciliary arch

superficial palmar (arterial) arch

superficial palmar venous arch

superior dental arch

supraorbital arch

tarsal arch

tendinous arch

tendinous arch of levator ani muscle

tendinous arch of pelvic fascia

tendinous arch of soleus muscle

arch of thoracic duct

transverse arch of foot

Treitz’s arch

vertebral arch

visceral arches


wire arch

zygomatic arch