1. A collection of instruments adapted for a special purpose.

2. An instrument made up of several parts.

3. [NA]. A group or system of glands, ducts, blood vessels, muscles, or other anatomical structures involved in the performance of some function. See Also: system.


[L. equipment. fr. ap-paro, pp. -atus, to prepare]

accessory visual apparatus

achromatic apparatus

alimentary apparatus

attachment apparatus

Barcroft-Warburg apparatus

Beckmann’s apparatus

Benedict-Roth apparatus

branchial apparatus

central apparatus

chromatic apparatus

chromidial apparatus

dental apparatus

digestive apparatus

apparatus digestorius

genitourinary apparatus

Golgi apparatus

Haldane’s apparatus

Heyns‘ abdominal decompression apparatus

hyoid apparatus

apparatus hyoideus

juxtaglomerular apparatus

Kirschner’s apparatus

Kjeldahl apparatus

lacrimal apparatus

apparatus lacrimalis

apparatus ligamentosus colli

apparatus ligamentosus weitbrechti

masticatory apparatus

mental apparatus

pyriform apparatus

apparatus respiratorius

respiratory apparatus

Roughton-Scholander apparatus

Sayre’s suspension apparatus

Scholander apparatus

subneural apparatus

apparatus suspensorius lentis

Taylor’s apparatus

Tiselius apparatus

urinary apparatus

urogenital apparatus

apparatus urogenitalis

Van Slyke apparatus

vestibular apparatus

Warburg’s apparatus