Impaired or absent comprehension or production of, or communication by, speech, writing, or signs, due to an acquired lesion of the dominant cerebral hemisphere. Syn: alogia(1), anepia, logagnosia, logamnesia, logasthenia.


[G. speechlessness, fr. a- priv. + phasis, speech]

acoustic aphasia

acquired epileptic aphasia

amnestic aphasia

anomic aphasia

anterior aphasia

associative aphasia

ataxic aphasia

auditory aphasia

Broca’s aphasia

conduction aphasia

crossed aphasia

expressive aphasia

fluent aphasia

functional aphasia

global aphasia

graphic aphasia

graphomotor aphasia

impressive aphasia

jargon aphasia

Kussmaul’s aphasia

mixed aphasia

motor aphasia

nominal aphasia

nonfluent aphasia

pathematic aphasia

posterior aphasia

psychosensory aphasia

pure aphasias

receptive aphasia

semantic aphasia

sensory aphasia

syntactical aphasia

total aphasia

transcortical aphasia

visual aphasia

Wernicke’s aphasia

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