Antibody formed in response to antigenic poisonous substances of biologic origin, such as bacterial exotoxins (e.g., those elaborated by Clostridium tetani or Corynebacterium diphtheriae), phytotoxins, and zootoxins; in general usage, antitoxin refers to whole, or globulin fraction of, serum from animals (usually horses) immunized by injections of the specific toxoid. Antitoxin neutralizes the pharmacologic effects of its specific toxin in vitro, and also in vivo if the toxin is not already fixed in the tissue cells.


[anti- + G. toxikon, poison]

bivalent gas gangrene antitoxin

bothropic antitoxin

Bothrops antitoxin

botulinum antitoxin

botulism antitoxin

bovine antitoxin

Crotalus antitoxin

despeciated antitoxin

diphtheria antitoxin

dysentery antitoxin

gas gangrene antitoxin

normal antitoxin

pentavalent gas gangrene antitoxin

plant antitoxin

scarlet fever antitoxin

staphylococcus antitoxin

tetanus antitoxin

tetanus and gas gangrene antitoxins

tetanus-perfringens antitoxin