antigen (Ag)

Any substance that, as a result of coming in contact with appropriate cells, induces a state of sensitivity and/or immune responsiveness after a latent period (days to weeks) and which reacts in a demonstrable way with antibodies and/or immune cells of the sensitized subject in vivo or in vitro. Modern usage tends to retain the broad meaning of antigen, employing the terms “antigenic determinant” or “determinant group” for the particular chemical group of a molecule that confers antigenic specificity. See Also: hapten. Syn: immunogen.


[anti(body) + G. -gen, producing]

ABO antigens

acetone-insoluble antigen

allogeneic antigen

Am antigens

Au antigen

Aus antigen

Australia antigen

Bea antigens

Becker antigen

Bi antigen

Bile’s antigen

blood group antigen

By antigen

capsular antigen

carcinoembryonic antigen

C carbohydrate antigen

CDE antigens

cholesterinized antigen

Chra antigens

class I antigens

class II antigens

class III antigens

common antigen

complete antigen

conjugated antigen

D antigen

delta antigen

Dharmendra antigen

Di antigen

Duffy antigens

flagellar antigen

Forssman antigen

Fy antigens

G antigen

Ge antigen

Gerbich antigen

Gm antigens

Good antigen

Gr antigen

group antigens

H antigen

H-2 antigens

He antigens

heart antigen

hepatitis-associated antigen

hepatitis B core antigen

hepatitis B e antigen

hepatitis B surface antigen

heterogeneic antigen

heterogenetic antigen

heterogenic enterobacterial antigen

heterophil antigen

heterophile antigen

hexon antigen

histocompatibility antigen

HL-A antigens

Ho antigen

homologous antigen

Hu antigens

human leukemia-associated antigens

human lymphocyte antigens

H-Y antigen

I antigens

incomplete antigen

InV group antigen

Jk antigens

Jobbins antigen

Js antigen

K antigens

Km antigen

Kveim antigen

Kveim-Stilzbach antigen

Lan antigen

Le antigens

leukocyte common antigen

Levay antigen

Lu antigens

lymphocyte function associated antigen

lymphogranuloma venereum antigen

Lyt antigens

M antigen

M1 antigen

Mitsuda antigen

MNSs antigens

Mu antigen

mumps skin test antigen

O antigen

oncofetal antigens

organ-specific antigen

Ot antigen

P antigens

partial antigen

penton antigen

pollen antigen

private antigens

prostate-specific antigen

public antigens

R antigen

Rh antigens

Rhus toxicodendron antigen

Rhus venenata antigen

S antigen

sensitized antigen

shock antigen

Sm antigen

soluble antigen

somatic antigen

species-specific antigen

specific antigens

Stobo antigen

Streptococcus M antigen

Swa antigen

Swann antigens

T antigens

Tac antigen

T-dependent antigen

theta antigen

thymus-independent antigen

tissue-specific antigen

Tj antigen

Tra antigen

transplantation antigen

tumor antigens

tumor-associated antigen

tumor-specific transplantation antigens

V antigen

Vel antigen

Ven antigen

Vi antigen

Vw antigen

Webb antigen

Wra antigen

Wright antigens

Xg antigen

Yta antigen