The meeting point of two lines or planes; the figure formed by the junction of two lines or planes; the space bounded on two sides by lines or planes that meet. For angle’s not listed below, see the descriptive term; e.g., axioincisal, distobuccal, labiogingival, linguogingival (2), mesiogingival, proximobuccal, etc. Syn: angulus [NA].


[L. angulus]

acromial angle

acute angle

adjacent angle

alpha angle

alveolar angle

angle of anomaly

anorectal angle

angle of antetorsion

angle of anteversion

angle of aperture

apical angle

axial angle

basilar angle

Bennett angle

beta angle

biorbital angle

Broca’s angles

Broca’s basilar angle

Broca’s facial angle

buccal angles

bucco-occlusal angle

cardiodiaphragmatic angle

cardiohepatic angle

cardiophrenic angle

carrying angle

cavity line angle

cavosurface angle

cephalic angle

cephalomedullary angle

cerebellopontile angle

cerebellopontine angle

costal angle

costophrenic angle

craniofacial angle

critical angle

cusp angle

Daubenton’s angle

angle of declination

angle of depression

angle of deviation

disparity angle

duodenojejunal angle

angle of eccentricity

angle of emergence

epigastric angle

ethmoid angle

facial angle

angle of femoral torsion

filtration angle

flip angle

Frankfort-mandibular incisor angle

frontal angle of parietal bone

angle of Fuchs

gamma angle

hypsiloid angle

impedance angle

angle of incidence

incident angle

incisal guide angle

angle of inclination

inferior angle of scapula

infrasternal angle

iridocorneal angle

angle of iris

Jacquart’s facial angle

angle of jaw

kappa angle

lateral angle of eye

lateral angle of scapula

lateral angle of uterus

limiting angle

line angle

Louis‘ angle

Lovibond’s angle

Ludwig’s angle

lumbosacral angle

angle of mandible

mastoid angle of parietal bone

maxillary angle

medial angle of eye

mesial angle

metafacial angle

meter angle

angle of mouth

neck-shaft angle

occipital angle of parietal bone

olfactory angle

ophryospinal angle

parietal angle

pelvivertebral angle

phrenopericardial angle

Pirogoff’s angle

point angle

angle of polarization

pontine angle

pubic angle

Q angle

Quatrefages‘ angle

Ranke’s angle

angle of reflection

refracting angle of a prism

angle of refraction

Rolando’s angle

Serres‘ angle

S-N-A angle

S-N-B angle

sphenoid angle

sphenoidal angle of parietal bone

sternal angle

sternoclavicular angle

subpubic angle

substernal angle

superior angle of scapula

sylvian angle

tentorial angle

Topinard’s facial angle

angle of torsion

venous angle

Virchow-Holder angle

Virchow’s angle

visual angle

Vogt’s angle

Weisbach’s angle

Welcker’s angle