Circumscribed dilation of an artery connecting directly with the lumen of an artery or a cardiac chamber connecting directly with the lumen of an artery, usually due to an acquired or congenital weakness of the wall of the artery or chamber.


[G. aneurysma (-mat-), a dilation, fr. eurys, wide]

ampullary aneurysm

aneurysm by anastomosis

aortic aneurysm

aortic sinus aneurysm

arteriosclerotic aneurysm

arteriovenous aneurysm

atherosclerotic aneurysm

axial aneurysm

benign bone aneurysm

Bérard’s aneurysm

berry aneurysm

cardiac aneurysm

Charcot-Bouchard aneurysm

cirsoid aneurysm

compound aneurysm

congenital cerebral aneurysm

consecutive aneurysm

coronary artery aneurysm

cylindroid aneurysm

diffuse aneurysm

dissecting aneurysm

ductal aneurysm

ectatic aneurysm

embolomycotic aneurysm

false aneurysm

fusiform aneurysm

hernial aneurysm

infraclinoid aneurysm

intracavernous aneurysm

intracranial aneurysm

miliary aneurysm

mural aneurysm

mycotic aneurysm

Park’s aneurysm

peripheral aneurysm

phantom aneurysm

Pott’s aneurysm

pulmonary artery aneurysm

racemose aneurysm

Rasmussen’s aneurysm

aneurysm of the right ventricle or right ventricular outflow patch

ruptured aneurysm

saccular aneurysm

serpentine aneurysm

aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva

supraclinoid aneurysm

syphilitic aneurysm

traumatic aneurysm

true aneurysm

tubular aneurysm

varicose aneurysm

ventricular aneurysm

aneurysm of the ventricular portion of the membranous septum

verminous aneurysm

worm aneurysm