1. Loss of sensation resulting from pharmacologic depression of nerve function or from neurological dysfunction.

2. Broad term for anesthesiology as a clinical specialty.


acupuncture anesthesia

ambulatory anesthesia

axillary anesthesia

balanced anesthesia

basal anesthesia

block anesthesia

brachial anesthesia

caudal anesthesia

cervical anesthesia

circle absorption anesthesia

closed anesthesia

compression anesthesia

conduction anesthesia

continuous epidural anesthesia

continuous spinal anesthesia

crossed anesthesia

dental anesthesia

diagnostic anesthesia

differential spinal anesthesia

dissociated anesthesia

dissociative anesthesia

anesthesia dolorosa

electric anesthesia

endotracheal anesthesia

epidural anesthesia

extradural anesthesia

field block anesthesia

fractional epidural anesthesia

fractional spinal anesthesia

general anesthesia

girdle anesthesia

glove anesthesia

gustatory anesthesia

high spinal anesthesia

hyperbaric anesthesia

hyperbaric spinal anesthesia

hypobaric spinal anesthesia

hypotensive anesthesia

hypothermic anesthesia

hysterical anesthesia

infiltration anesthesia

inhalation anesthesia

insufflation anesthesia

intercostal anesthesia

intramedullary anesthesia

intranasal anesthesia

intraoral anesthesia

intraosseous anesthesia

intraspinal anesthesia

intratracheal anesthesia

intravenous anesthesia

intravenous regional anesthesia

isobaric spinal anesthesia

local anesthesia

low spinal anesthesia

nerve block anesthesia

nonrebreathing anesthesia

open drop anesthesia

outpatient anesthesia

painful anesthesia

paracervical block anesthesia

paravertebral anesthesia

patient controlled anesthesia

peridural anesthesia

perineural anesthesia

periodontal anesthesia

presacral anesthesia

pressure anesthesia

pudendal anesthesia

rebreathing anesthesia

rectal anesthesia

refrigeration anesthesia

regional anesthesia

retrobulbar anesthesia

sacral anesthesia

saddle anesthesia

saddle block anesthesia

segmental anesthesia

semi-closed anesthesia

semi-open anesthesia

spinal anesthesia

splanchnic anesthesia

stocking anesthesia

subarachnoid anesthesia

surgical anesthesia

tactile anesthesia

therapeutic anesthesia

thermal anesthesia

to-and-fro anesthesia

topical anesthesia

total spinal anesthesia

traumatic anesthesia

unilateral anesthesia

visceral anesthesia