analysis, pl. analyses

1. The breaking up of a chemical compound or mixture into simpler elements; a process by which the composition of a substance is determined.

2. The examination and study of a whole in terms of the parts composing it.

3. See: psychoanalysis.


[G. a breaking up, fr. ana, up, + lysis, a loosening]

accumulation analysis

activation analysis

amino acid analysis

bite analysis

blood gas analysis

bradykinetic analysis

cephalometric analysis

character analysis

cluster analysis

content analysis

decision analysis

didactic analysis

discriminant analysis

displacement analysis

distributive analysis

Downs‘ analysis

ego analysis

Fourier analysis

gastric analysis

interaction process analysis

linkage analysis

Northern blot analysis

occlusal analysis

path analysis

pedigree analysis

percept analysis

qualitative analysis

quantitative analysis

regression analysis

saturation analysis

segregation analysis

sequential analysis

Southern blot analysis

stratographic analysis

survival analysis

training analysis

transactional analysis

analysis of variance

volumetric analysis

Western blot analysis

zoo blot analysis