1. The cutting off of a limb or part of a limb, the breast, or other projecting part. Syn: congenital amputation.

2. In dentistry, removal of the root of a tooth, or of the pulp, or of a nerve root or ganglion; a modifying adjective is therefore used (pulp amputation; root amputation).


[L. amputatio, fr. am-puto, pp. -atus, to cut around, prune]

A-E amputation

A-K amputation

Alanson’s amputation

amniotic amputation

aperiosteal amputation

B-E amputation

Bier’s amputation

birth amputation

B-K amputation

bloodless amputation

Callander’s amputation

Carden’s amputation

central amputation

cervical amputation

Chopart’s amputation

cinematic amputation

cineplastic amputation

circular amputation

congenital amputation

consecutive amputation

amputation in continuity

double flap amputation

dry amputation

Dupuytren’s amputation

eccentric amputation

elliptical amputation

excentric amputation

Farabeuf’s amputation

flap amputation

flapless amputation

forequarter amputation

Gritti-Stokes amputation

guillotine amputation

Guyon’s amputation

Hancock’s amputation

Hey’s amputation

hindquarter amputation

immediate amputation

interilioabdominal amputation

intermediate amputation

interpelviabdominal amputation

interscapulothoracic amputation

intrapyretic amputation

intrauterine amputation

Jaboulay’s amputation

kineplastic amputation

Kirk’s amputation

Krukenberg’s amputation

Larrey’s amputation

Le Fort’s amputation

linear amputation

Lisfranc’s amputation

Mackenzie’s amputation

major amputation

Malgaigne’s amputation

mediotarsal amputation

Mikulicz-Vladimiroff amputation

minor amputation

multiple amputation

musculocutaneous amputation

oblique amputation

osteoplastic amputation

oval amputation

pathologic amputation

periosteoplastic amputation

Pirogoff’s amputation

primary amputation

pulp amputation

quadruple amputation

racket amputation

rectangular amputation

root amputation

secondary amputation

spontaneous amputation

Stokes amputation

subastragalar amputation

subperiosteal amputation

Syme’s amputation

tarsotibial amputation

Teale’s amputation

tertiary amputation

amputation by transfixion

transverse amputation

traumatic amputation

Tripier’s amputation

Vladimiroff-Mikulicz amputation