ampulla, gen. and pl. ampullae

[NA]. A saccular dilation of a canal or duct.


[L. a two-handled bottle]

ampulla canaliculi lacrimalis

ampulla chyli

ampulla ductus deferentis

ampulla ductus lacrimalis

duodenal ampulla

ampulla duodeni

ampulla of gallbladder

Henle’s ampulla

hepatopancreatic ampulla

ampulla hepatopancreatica

ampulla of lacrimal canaliculus

ampulla lactifera

lactiferous ampulla

ampulla membranacea

membranous ampulla

ampulla of milk duct

ampulla ossea

osseous ampulla

phrenic ampulla

rectal ampulla

ampulla recti

ampulla of rectum

ampulla of the semicircular canals

ampulla of the semicircular ducts

Thoma’s ampulla

ampulla tubae uterinae

ampulla of uterine tube

ampulla of ductus deferens

Vater’s ampulla