A substance formally derived from ammonia by the replacement of one or more of the hydrogen atoms by hydrocarbon or other radicals. The substitution of one hydrogen atom constitutes a primary amine, e.g., NH2CH3; that of two atoms, a secondary amine, e.g., NH(CH3)2; that of three atoms, a tertiary amine, e.g., N(CH3)3; and that of four atoms, a quaternary ammonium ion, e.g., +N( CH3)4, a positively charged ion isolated only in association with a negative ion. The amine’s form salts with acids.

adrenergic amine

adrenomimetic amine

biogenic amines

amine oxidase (copper-containing)

amine oxidase (flavin-containing)

amine oxidase (pyridoxal-containing)

pressor amine

sympathetic amine

sympathomimetic amine

vasoactive amine