aluminum (Al)

A white silvery metal of very light weight; atomic no. 13, atomic wt. 26.981539. Many salts and compounds are used in medicine and dentistry.


[L. alumen, alum]

aluminum acetate

aluminum acetotartrate

aluminum acetylsalicylate

aluminum ammonium sulfate

aluminum aspirin

aluminum bismuth oxide

aluminum carbonate, basic

aluminum chlorate nonahydrate

aluminum chloride hexahydrate

aluminum diacetate

aluminum hydrate

aluminum hydroxide

aluminum hydroxide gel

aluminum hydroxychloride

aluminum magnesium silicate

aluminum monostearate

aluminum nicotinate

aluminum oleate

aluminum oxide

aluminum phenolsulfonate

aluminum phosphate

aluminum phosphate gel

aluminum potassium sulfate

aluminum salicylate, basic

aluminum salicylate, basic, soluble

aluminum silicate

aluminum subacetate

aluminum sulfate octadecahydrate