Presence of protein in urine, chiefly albumin but also globulin; usually indicative of disease, but sometimes resulting from a temporary or transient dysfunction. Syn: albuminorrhea, proteinuria(2).


[albumin + G. ouron, urine]

adolescent albuminuria

adventitious albuminuria

albuminuria of athletes

Bamberger’s albuminuria

benign albuminuria

cardiac albuminuria

colliquative albuminuria

cyclic albuminuria

dietetic albuminuria

essential albuminuria

false albuminuria

febrile albuminuria

functional albuminuria

intermittent albuminuria

lordotic albuminuria

neuropathic albuminuria

orthostatic albuminuria

physiologic albuminuria

postrenal albuminuria

postural albuminuria

prerenal albuminuria

recurrent albuminuria

regulatory albuminuria

transient albuminuria