A type of simple protein, varieties of which are widely distributed throughout the tissues and fluids of plants and animals; albumin’s are soluble in pure water, precipitable from solution by strong acids, and coagulable by heat in acid or neutral solution.


[L. albumen (-min-), the white of egg]

albumin A

acetosoluble albumin

albumin B

Bence Jones albumin

blood albumin

bovine serum albumin

dried human albumin

egg albumin

albumin Ghent

iodinated 131I human serum albumin

iodinated 125I serum albumin

macroaggregated albumin

albumin Mexico

albumin Naskapi

native albumin

normal human serum albumin

Patein’s albumin

plasma albumin

radioiodinated serum albumin

albumin Reading

serum albumin

albumin tannate

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