An ordinarily benign neoplasm of epithelial tissue in which the tumor cells form glands or glandlike structures in the stroma; usually well circumscribed, tending to compress rather than infiltrate or invade adjacent tissue.


[adeno- + G. -oma, tumor]

acidophil adenoma

ACTH-producing adenoma

adnexal adenoma

adrenocortical adenoma

apocrine adenoma

basal cell adenoma

basophil adenoma

bronchial adenoma

canalicular adenoma

chromophil adenoma

chromophobe adenoma

colloid adenoma

embryonal adenoma

eosinophil adenoma

fibroid adenoma

follicular adenoma

Fuchs‘ adenoma

gonadotropin-producing adenoma

growth hormone-producing adenoma

hepatic adenoma

hepatocellular adenoma

Hürthle cell adenoma

islet cell adenoma

lactating adenoma

Leydig cell adenoma

macrofollicular adenoma

microfollicular adenoma

monomorphic adenoma

nephrogenic adenoma

adenoma of nipple

null-cell adenoma

ovarian tubular adenoma

oxyphil adenoma

papillary cystic adenoma

papillary adenoma of large intestine

Pick’s tubular adenoma

pituitary adenoma

pleomorphic adenoma

polypoid adenoma

prolactin-producing adenoma

prostatic adenoma

renal cortical adenoma

sebaceous adenoma

adenoma sebaceum

testicular tubular adenoma

thyrotropin-producing adenoma

tubular adenoma

undifferentiated cell adenoma

villous adenoma