1. Preferential survival of members of a species because of a phenotype that give them an enhanced capacity to withstand the environment including the ecology.

2. An advantageous change in function or constitution of an organ or tissue to meet new conditions.

3. Adjustment of the sensitivity of the retina to light intensity.

4. A property of certain sensory receptors that modifies the response to repeated or continued stimuli at constant intensity.

5. The fitting, condensing, or contouring of a restorative material, foil, or shell to a tooth or cast so as to be in close contact.

6. The dynamic process wherein the thoughts, feelings, behavior, and biophysiologic mechanisms of the individual continually change to adjust to a constantly changing environment. Syn: adjustment(2).

7. A homeostatic response.


[L. ad-apto, pp. –atus, to adjust]

dark adaptation

light adaptation

photopic adaptation

reality adaptation

retinal adaptation

scotopic adaptation

social adaptation

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