1. A circumscribed collection of purulent exudate appearing in an acute or chronic localized infection, caused by tissue destruction and frequently associated with swelling and other signs of inflammation.

2. A cavity formed by liquefactive necrosis within solid tissue.


[L. abscessus, a going away]

acute abscess

alveolar abscess

amebic abscess

apical abscess

apical periodontal abscess

appendiceal abscess

Bartholin’s abscess

Bezold’s abscess

bicameral abscess

bone abscess

Brodie’s abscess

bursal abscess

caseous abscess

cheesy abscess

cholangitic abscess

chronic abscess

cold abscess

collar-button abscess

crypt abscesses

dental abscess

diffuse abscess

Douglas abscess

dry abscess

Dubois‘ abscesses

embolic abscess

fecal abscess

follicular abscess

gas abscess

gingival abscess

gravitation abscess

gummatous abscess

hematogenous abscess

hot abscess

hypostatic abscess

ischiorectal abscess

lacunar abscess

lateral alveolar abscess

lateral periodontal abscess

mastoid abscess

metastatic abscess

migrating abscess

miliary abscess

Munro’s abscess

orbital abscess

otic abscess

otogenous abscess

palatal abscess

pancreatic abscess

parafrenal abscess

parametric abscess

paranephric abscess

parotid abscess

Pautrier’s abscess

pelvic abscess

perforating abscess

periapical abscess

periappendiceal abscess

periarticular abscess

pericemental abscess

pericoronal abscess

perinephric abscess

periodontal abscess

perirectal abscess

peritonsillar abscess

periureteral abscess

periurethral abscess

phlegmonous abscess

Pott’s abscess

premammary abscess

psoas abscess

pulp abscess

pyemic abscess

radicular abscess

residual abscess

retrobulbar abscess

retrocecal abscess

retropharyngeal abscess

ring abscess

root abscess

satellite abscess

septicemic abscess

shirt-stud abscess

stellate abscess

stercoral abscess

sterile abscess

stitch abscess

subdiaphragmatic abscess

subepidermal abscess

subhepatic abscess

subperiosteal abscess

subphrenic abscess

subungual abscess

sudoriparous abscess

syphilitic abscess

thecal abscess

thymic abscesses

Tornwaldt’s abscess

tropical abscess

tuberculous abscess

tubo-ovarian abscess

verminous abscess

wandering abscess

worm abscess