1. Expulsion from the uterus of an embryo or fetus prior to the stage of viability at about 20 weeks of gestation (fetus weighs less than 500 g). A distinction is made between abortion and premature birth: premature infants are those born after the stage of viability but prior to 37 weeks. Abortion may be either spontaneous (occurring from natural causes) or induced (artificial or therapeutic).

2. The product of such nonviable birth.

3. The arrest of any action or process before its normal completion.

accidental abortion

ampullar abortion

complete abortion

criminal abortion

elective abortion

enzootic abortion of ewes

epizootic bovine abortion

equine virus abortion

foothill abortion

habitual abortion

illegal abortion

imminent abortion

incipient abortion

incomplete abortion

induced abortion

inevitable abortion

infected abortion

menstrual extraction abortion

missed abortion

septic abortion

spontaneous abortion

therapeutic abortion

threatened abortion

tubal abortion

vibrionic abortion

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